Tuesday, December 30, 2008

7 years

Andy and I have been married for 7 years now. Wow!! That makes me feel a little old really to say I've been married for so long. We did get married fairly young I guess, a year before we even graduated college. I tell Andy all the time I'm glad we didn't date in high school or we would have been married way too young!!

We didn't have a sitter to watch the kids, so we decided to do something fun with the kids. We considered ice skating or roller skating, but that seemed too dangerous and that was not something we could hold Alex and do (neither of us are proficient at skating to say the least). So we decided to try bowling. This was the 1st time the kids have been bowling(unless the Wii counts). Old Orchard Lanes in Savoy is very kid friendly!!! We entered our names into the computer, and then the kids names, and you could pick whether you wanted bumpers or not for each person. They would pop up for the kids, then go back down for our turn. I think I should have used them, as I first bowled a 96 and then a 102. Andy was not a whole lot better, I think he bowled a 121 and then a 111 or something. It has been awhile since we last bowled, but I'm not sure that really makes a difference at our skill level.

The kids had a great time bowling. They used
the 6, 7, & 8 lb balls, depending on their mood each turn up I guess. Or it was more likely the color, as one was orange, one yellow, and the other pink. Faye would walk up there and throw the ball as hard as she could. She would sometimes drop the ball about 3 times on the way up, maybe miss the lane altogether (how is that possible?), then try again. She was watching how Andy and I threw the ball, so she'd get the ball behind her and then try to throw it. Not a good idea for a 4 year old!!! About 2 minutes later it maybe had made its way down the lane to knock over some pins. This was not our fastest game of bowling - it was probably the slowest ever played, but it was one of the most fun. Drew on the other hand would run up as fast as he could, throw the ball, and run back. Now his ball did not make it much faster down the lane. He had time to run up to the chairs and tables and eat a handful of pretzels before his reached the pins.

We eventually went up and asked for the ramp. The open bowling ended at 5pm and we weren't sure we would have time to finish our 2nd game the kids were so slow. They used it a few times, but they preferred to throw the ball themselves. It did make the game go much faster when they did use the ramp though.

Andy bought me a 3 legged pig for our anniversary. Huh? Well, he also got me a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet made in Kenya. The 3 legged pig, or 'chanchito' was made with clay from the mountainside near Pomaire, Chile, and is supposed to bring me love and good fortune. Lets hope so!!


Billie Jo Henson said...

Congrats on 7 Years! It doesn't seem that long ago! BUT you and Andy have 3 beautiful children and life is good. Happy ANNIVERSARY!

Jon said...

Well Happy Anniversary. 7 Years of marriage, you're so old ha ha.