Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're Moving!

Well, we're not really moving, but I sort of wish we were! I don't want to actually move all my things as that would be too much work with a baby, but I wouldn't mind the new house part. Alex and I drove to Pontiac yesterday morning to see Billie Jo and her family and their new house. It is beautiful! They have a huge kitchen with stainless steel appliances and anti-slam drawers and cabinets, lights everywhere, and a huge pantry. I have to say I would love love love to have a kitchen like this!! Did I mention they have a master bathroom with a huge jet tub! Their living room is also large with a fireplace. Yep, that's right, a fireplace! I love fireplaces - my next house will have one! (billie jo, I'm moving in) Haha! Anyways, they have worked very hard for over 2 years, picking everything for this house, making thousands of decisions, and painting and staining and doing who knows what else. Their hard work really paid off!

Billie Jo and I were able to go out for lunch at How Sweet It Is, a new little place on the square in Pontiac. It was really good. We had hot apple cider and I had a grilled Veggie Panini, and they also make Fudge so they gave you a sample with your meal. It was Wedding Cake day, and it was different, but very good. After lunch we went back to her house, and Alex had a fun time playing with Billie Jo'
s step-daughter Brittney. Alex and I had a great time spending the day there!

We decided to stop in Flanagan and see Oma while we were there. She was surprised to see us, but I think she was glad we stopped. We played a game of cribbage while Alex slept, then we had dinner and fed Alex. I decided by then I'd better head home and assess the damage of leaving Andy home all day with 2 kids!

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