Monday, November 3, 2008

Secret language?

I've heard that twins sometimes develop 'secret' languages, but so far I've never seen it in my twins, until today. It was a beautiful day outside today so we went for a walk. The kids were so excited about the leaves, that we decided to go home and rake the leaves and play in them. I did most of the raking, while the kids jumped in the piles and had a blast. Drew did try a little raking, although mostly he tried raking the trees to try and get the berries to fall. Alex sat in the stroller and watched, giggling as the kids jumped in the leaves.

The kids were really tired after
all that playing, so we went upstairs to take a nap. I have to sit in their room until they fall asleep, or they never go to sleep, no matter how tired they are. I even have to insist they close their eyes. So they are both lying there with their eyes closed, and I hear Drew make a noise. It was sort of a humming noise, and I wasn't sure what it was, so I just ignored it. About 10 seconds later, Faye makes a similar noise. This went back and forth for about 10 minutes, with them occasionally smiling or laughing like it was some sort of inside joke that only they understood. I'm not certain that what they were doing meant anything to the other, but it sure seemed like it! But finally they did fall asleep!

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