Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Pets

We took Faye and Drew to the pet store today to pick out their new fish. I finally got the tank all set up and ready this week. I ended up buying a heater, as we keep our house cold and would probably kill the fish. We asked the pet store lady for recommendations, and she suggested a black molly and also mentioned that they liked to have babies. Drew was sold. So he got a black molly and named it Mr. Fizzwizzle. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Fizzwizzle is a computer game and Drew loves playing it. It is a puzzle game and really gets you thinking. Even Andy and I have trouble completing some of the harder levels!

The website for the game is here:

Faye picked out a dalmatian molly. It is silver with black spots and is really pretty. She named it Princess. Imagine that! Her fish and Drew's fish seem to be getting along really well. They are swimming all over the tank together. Drew and Faye fed them right after putting them in the tank and they were hungry! Alex and I picked out a Sunburst. It is yellow and orange, and we named it Freddy. We'll probably add a few more in the future!

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