Saturday, November 1, 2008


The kids had a great Halloween this year! Faye went as a butterfly and Drew was a Ninja. They woke up Friday morning so excited about going trick or treating. They weren't too excited about waiting until dark though. "That's too long to wait mom!" they kept telling me. We tried getting them to eat dinner before we left, but they weren't hungry. More room for candy I guess.

Finally once Andy was home from work we had them all dressed and ready to go. Drew did not want to get his picture taken once again. But we did manage to get them to sit on the couch for a couple pictures. Alex was mesmerized by the orange pumpkins and would not stop staring at those.

We got out and at the first couple houses Drew and Faye would ring the bell , but once somebody came to the door they would not say 'Trick or Treat'. I figured they would get the hang of it after a few houses, but no, they would just stare and wait for treats. I guess that worked too!

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