Thursday, November 27, 2008


So we left Andy's parents house Saturday morning on our way to Chicago. We took 24 to Chenoa, but as we were almost in Gridley, I look up, and what do I see but a huge Johnny Martin looking back at me. Now I had heard that he had a sign up in Gridley. I guess I was not expecting it to be this large, but then who would? Andy almost missed it, so he turns around for a second look. It is impressive to say the least. How many of your classmates have a billboard with a giant picture of themselves?

On our way back to Andy's parents house Monday evening, Andy decided to stop in Gridley for gas. I was sleeping in the backseat and so were the kids. I sit up and look out the window, and right there is Andy and Erin Cooper. We had a great laugh about this. Andy thought it was probably one in million chance that we would run into them. Taking a look back at the events that led up to that, it probably was. We were stuck in traffic in Chicago, then we had to stop and feed the baby. He almost stopped in Chenoa for gas, but then decided to wait until Gridley. We were even just talking about them on the drive. Every wedding we go to, Andy and Erin Cooper are there; this wedding was one of the exceptions because it was my family. But then, sure enough, we run into them at a gas station on a wedding weekend!

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