Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We spent the weekend in Chicago and took the whole crew and had a great time. It is much easier to travel now that the twins are a little older. It is still difficult with 3 kids and very exhausting, but easier than when they were babies. We left Saturday morning from Grandma and Grandpa's house. They agreed to watch our very pathetic dog for the weekend. Apparently she did ok during the day, but at night while we were gone she would start crying. She did survive the ordeal and is very happy to be back home. We took the kids to Woodfield Mall on Saturday. It was jam packed - we could hardly move. We were there for probably 3 hours and only made it to 2 stores. I of course had to visit the Lush store. It was awesome and I found a lot of great bath products! They sell all vegetarian products and over 75% are vegan. None of their products are tested on animals, and they don't buy ingredients that are tested on animals either. All of their packaging material is made from recycled products and is recyclable, although they use very little packaging. We then took the kids to Build-A-Bear. They loved that and Faye picked a dog which she named Princess Leia, and Drew picked a white bear he named Storm Trooper. Can you tell they play Lego Starwars? Andy already has their brains warped I think.

We headed back to th
e hotel and Grandma and Uncle Jadon arrived a bit later. We spent the evening swimming in the pool. We all had a great time. Even Alex went swimming for the 1st time. The water was very warm, but he did start getting cold after a few minutes so he didn't swim long.

Justin and Maribeth got married on Sunday morning. We left in plenty of time for the wedding, but once again google maps failed so we ended up missing the beginning. I hate hate hate being late, but there was nothing we could do about it. We basically just missed them walking in, so we saw all of the ceremony. It was short and sweet and surprisingly enough the kids were well behaved. They sat all through lunch really nicely, although we did tell them that they would get wedding cake eventually if they kept sitting. Maribeth did great and made kiddie gift bags for the kids, with coloring books and flashlights and even a bracelet and ring for Faye. She is still wearing the ring! Justin put on a fedora and used a belt whip, while they played the Indiana Jones theme song while he removed the garter. Jadon caught the garter. Are there wedding bells in the future? Only time will tell. The kids love Hallie and Uncle Jadon, but unfortunately Hallie was unable to make it to this wedding. Next came dancing, and Faye is quite a dancer! She was out on the dance floor the whole time, doing the chicken dance and the hokey pokey and everything else you can imagine. She had a great time but was exhausted by the time the wedding was over. Drew played lego star wars on the Nintendo DS rather than dance. But as Jadon commented, it was the best behaved he'd been the whole weekend. He loves video games!

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