Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Chicago Diner

Sunday night after the wedding we took the kids to The Chicago Diner. The link is here:

It is a great little vegetarian restaurant in the Lincoln Park area just north of Chicago. We were staying in Schaumburg, and there are of course plenty of restaurants in Schaumburg, but not any quite like this(or at least none that we know of). Being vegan, it is always difficult to eat out. There are many restaurants that don't have a single vegetarian option listed on their menu. Then there are the others that have maybe one or two vegetarian meals, and then we have to ask for no cheese or eggs. So being in a huge city with lots of vegan/veg restaurants, I was not going to miss this chance. We arrived around 7:30pm, and the line was out the door. I was not expecting this, as it was a Sunday evening and usually restaurants are not as busy. But the wait was only 10 minutes, so we could do that. We were seated in a booth and handed a menu. I could not decide what to order! Everything sounded good, and everything was vegetarian or vegan, with the option of making it vegan. Whoa! I could order anything I wanted off the menu. I can't remember the last time that happened. It is a very strange feeling and I couldn't decide what to get. Normally the decision is very easy - spaghetti with marinara sauce. Not tonight! Andy had a Reuben sandwich with sliced seitan. He ended up picking for me; I had the Philly Cheeze "Steak" sandwich which also had sliced seitan. It was delicious!

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