Friday, November 28, 2008

Bathroom remodeling

We finally decided to finish our bathroom. We started not long after moving in, and it is 2 1/2 years later and still unfinished. We had to get a new sink right away. The old sink had separate hot and cold faucets and you had to hold them on for the water to come out. I couldn't figure out how to wash my hands or anything else. Then the floor - what a disaster. Somebody redid the bathroom at some point in time. They put down particle board, then ceramic tile on that. Well, the tub setup was a disaster and would leak water out the side. Then the particle board would get wet, expand, and the tiles would break. So we took all that up and redid it properly when we moved in. We just have vinyl tile for now, but it is easy to remove and we can always have something nicer put down when we're ready.

So we decided to finally remove the tub disaster and put in our claw foot tub that has been sitting in the garage for 2 years. We bought it newly refinished from a family in Gibson City I believe. We found the faucet and supply lines and drain on Ebay, and they arrived on Wednesday morning. Thus our project began. Andy started tearing apart the old tub parts while I watched the kids. The demolition went fairly quickly, as whoever redid the bathroom did such a poor job that everything was just ready to fall apart. There were glass blocks built up on top of our bathtub so you could take a shower. Andy basically just had to push on them and they came right out. That is a little scary. We're lucky the kids didn't push them over! Here you can see what they were sitting on.

Then he started to pull off the tile surrounding the tub. Well, it was glued on to drywall, which water had leaked through that so the drywall just fell off. It was mushy and stinky and moldy! So now we have to rebuild the wall. I'm not surprised after seeing what was done to the floor!

Andy finally got all that tore out and decided to get the bathtub out. He asked our neighbor Denny to help him carry it out. It was a good thing too, as it was a cast iron tub and ridiculously heavy. Andy and our neighbor are both big guys and really strong, and they had a really difficult time carrying that tub outside. I have no idea how much it weighed but I'm guessing it had to be 400lbs. So right now it is just sitting outside our front door. They weren't going to move it any further than they had to. Anyone want a tub?

Here Andy is contemplating the plumbing. And no, he is not a plumber and has no experience, so he probably should not be doing this, but he thinks he can do anything after reading about it online. He did manage to install our sink with no leaks, so we'll see what happens here! You can see the yucky wall and missing part of the wall.

He did manage to get the new stops and drain installed, and we have the floor built. We're working on the wall today, then finishing the floor and the tub should be ready to be brought up!

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