Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby fish

Well, Faye's fish Princess had babies last night. We've only had the fish for 4 days now, and already we have more. I'm not sure how many she had, but there were 4 in there this morning. I read up on Molly fish, and they tend to have babies all the time. Like every 30 days. Even if you have only one female fish, they could have babies 3 or 4 times. They can apparently store semen and use it later. Wow. They also eat their babies sometimes, so there could have actually been more. Now I don't think Princess actually ate them, as she appears to have died in childbirth and is floating on the bottom. We may be having a fish funeral later tonight. But Mr. Fizzwizzle is swimming around the tank looking for them. At lunch I checked the tank and I could now only see two babies. They are adorable so I may have to go get a small tank and put them in there until they are bigger!

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