Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

I made the first(many more to come I'm sure) pumpkin pie this fall last night. Yes, you can make a vegan pumpkin pie! Usually Andy starts asking about it, as I think it is one of his favorites, but this year as soon as the kids saw pumpkins at the store, they started asking, "Aren't we going to have any pumpkin pie?" The pie wasn't out of the oven until almost 10pm last night, so it was too late to have any. The kids were so disappointed, as they love pumpkin pie. I don't even like it really, but I enjoy making it. The kids woke up this morning asking about it, so I promised a small piece after lunch. They were excited to try some as you can see! The picture is not great, but you can get the idea.

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