Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Popcorn balls

Every year around Halloween I get a craving for popcorn balls. My great-aunt Millie made the best popcorn balls and gave them out each year at Halloween. I haven't had one in years, but I can still remember exactly how they looked and tasted. They were delicious and probably my favorite Halloween treat! I've been so desperate for some in years past, that I've considered driving all the way to Flanagan on Halloween for one, or calling and asking to have some mailed. I'm sure she would probably save some for me or even send some my way if she knew.

This year I decided we'd try and make some. Andy told the kids they could help. They succeeded in getting popcorn all over our kitchen and dining room, but didn't help with much else. I found some 'old fashioned' recipes on the internet, trying to guess which one might taste similar to my aunts. The recipe needs a candy thermometer, and for some reason we just can't keep ours around without breaking it. So I would try it without, testing the sugar mixture in cold water to determine its temperature. It turned out well, with the kids and Andy devouring them quickly and wanting more. They didn't look anything like my aunts used to - it is a bit harder than it looks to make them pretty. Maybe with some more practice mine will someday be as good as hers!

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