Monday, October 13, 2008

Painting the garage

So we finally decided to paint the garage. I've been wanting to do something with it since we moved in here two years ago. It is a mess, really. It should be torn down, but we really want to do minimal work on this house. And it does serve its purpose. The garage doors open and we can park our van inside, and put all of our tools, etc. inside. What else do we really need in a garage? I'm hoping to move in the next few years, so why bother making it really nice? I convinced Andy Friday night that we were going to get started on the garage. It usually takes some convincing to get him to start on a project, as he would rather spend his time on the computer. But he was finally convinced- it needed to be done. So Saturday morning I sent him with Drew and Faye to the store to buy the paint and supplies needed. I don't know what made us think we could actually get work done with 3 kids - one of them a baby, but we thought we could do it. The kids were really good helpers at first. They were excited about scraping off the old paint.

That lasted about 20 minutes and they were ready to paint. Well, the garage is old and in very bad shape, so we were no where close to being ready to paint after 20 minutes. So the kids ran around the yard, chasing the dog, asking us "are we ready yet" every 5 minutes, playing with the paint rollers, etc. Alex calmly sat in his stroller and watched all of us. He was the only one that remained calm throughout this process I think. The kids were so eager to paint, so we let them have our trim paint and start on our door.

They had about a pint of paint smeared in one little spot on the door, but it kept them occupied long enough for us to finish half of one side of the garage. Woohoo. We made some progress. But we have brown trim paint pretty much everywhere you can imagine. Next time - we'll wait till they're at Grandma and Grandpa's before we work on the garage again. At least we'll finally be rid of the red!

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